Honor 9

Honor 9

£0 - £99 upfront / £39 - £51 a month Colour: Sapphire Blue - Glacier Grey

Why Honor 9?

Exclusive to Three, the Honor 9 is the latest device in Huawei’s extraordinary range of Honor phones. The Honor 9 is powered by Huawei’s fastest ever processor, yet there’s no compromise in appearance: it’s thin and curvy with a stylish 3D glass body to boot. The phone’s 3D surround sound delivers a truly immersive music experience, while the dual camera makes the Honor 9 the go-to gadget for eye-catching portrait pictures. The precise 3D facial detection and dynamic illumination means that they’ll be no shameful selfies on your watch. However, it’s the machine learning capabilities that really impress. Your Honor 9 will intelligently understand which apps you use and how you use them, then it’ll allocate system resources accordingly. Basically, the Honor 9 is built to maintain peak performance based on what you love to do.



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