5G EE Home Router with Antenna

5G EE Home Router with Antenna

Starting £55 a month with £100 upfront (18 Month Contract)

Why Get EE Mobile Broadband?

Choose 4G EE Home or 4G EE Wi-Fi to watch TV, play live multiplayer games or stream a film on the move through the power of EE 4G network covering almost 99% of the United Kingdom (UK), You will get EU roaming data to use every month with 4GEE Wi-Fi or 5GEE Wi-Fi (not available with 4G EE Home or 5G EE Home), With mobile broadband, there’s no need for a landline and no wait for an engineer visit to get installed and you can go faster with 5G EE and do a whole lot more streaming, gaming, and everything else you love online but remember to check your 5G coverage first.



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